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Waipapa Vs. NZ Post Is this another win?

It appears we've passed the Commerce Commission crazy nut-bar test, and been escalated to management for further scrutiny. I asked for a follow-up email, to my follow-up phone call, which is C&P'd below. Some of you have been following this saga I have been chipping away at, which is a little complex, so the full story is below - and with this little breakthrough, I am a wee bit excited.  Re: Courier Post rural delivery surcharge on standard courier routes Our home address is absolutely rural, and to have a package couriered to our home address attracts a rural surcharge which, as of 1 July 2017 for Courier Post, is $3.70 per package. This is because there is no standard courier run in our area and packages must be handed on to the rural postie, meaning two people must be paid for the delivery of the package and fair enough.  To avoid paying this rural surcharge we have packages sent to my husband’s workplace, which is located in a very busy shopping and industri

A little win

Susan vs. Mpark. A little win. It's the principle! I received my refund and an apology on 19 June 2017. 18 June 2017 Re: MPark services for Vehicle GHXXX To whom it may concern, On Wednesday 24 May 2017 I was in Whangarei  and I parked in a Pay and Display car parking space.  Having no coins I signed up to the pay for parking service MPark advertised on the Parking Display ticket dispenser and paid for my parking.   I could find nowhere on the site explaining how I could get a display ticket, nowhere that said I did not need a display ticket and the Parking Display Ticket dispenser had a sign that stated I had to Display a Valid Ticket.  I emailed the only contact available for MPark, receiving an immediate response – that they would get back to me within three working days. Feeling I had no choice, I went and got some cash and bought a display ticket. I still have this ticket and a photograph of it is attached. I emailed MPark, including a photo of the display t

Dispute Tribunal Success

Today we received the Decision from the Dispute Tribunal Hearing between me and the marriage  celebrant, and as expected we were successful.  Every single person who was involved, looked over the case, read the complaint and adjudicated at the hearing, agreed with us. Everyone except Tony's family. But this is because their disagreement was never about events at the wedding, but a series of imagined issues.   It is however a hollow victory. Attaining it exposed the vindictive backstabbing that certain members of so-called-family engaged in.  For a brief moment, I did doubt the actual intent of the action, but the perniciousness of the fall-out removed that doubt.  The bitter-twisted hatred built on cognitive fictions is astounding. The accusations that I am harassing, incredible as the toxic waste is thrown.  I certainly hope they find a lawyer greedy enough to take on the case against me that they threaten.


Winter.  Currently, ascending the driveway could make a reasonable you tube hill climb video, with mud rooster tails flying from the wheels (like this) . The vehicle is covered in mud. Anyone who climbs in and out of the vehicle is covered in mud and I’m having dreams of a red-carpet type thing that unfurls as I disembark, protecting my gown... But then reality – I’d have to clean it, probably by hand, whereas the $7 Kmart tights, that I’m actually wearing, go straight in the washing machine.  Sigh. Paradise in the rainy season. It’s hardly been paradise this year, it’s been more hard.  I haven’t felt much like writing upbeat, good-newsy updates. It’s been a pretty shit year so far.  We’re pulling through with the help of our astounding support crew, and amazing friends, incredible kind deeds and snippets of wonderful news of pending stork deliveries (so pleased for you guys), international NZ rep-pole-axing, an ego boosting A- on my post-grad and first academic paper in seven y

Wedding Guest Statements

We have a Disputes Tribunal hearing, set down for 24 May. I ask guests that haven't already to please write an account of what YOU noticed and experienced in regard to the behavior and actions of the Celebrant. Please email to Muchly appreciated. Susan and Tony

Never underestimate the power of stupid people

A place I hang out at has a small car park. There are some gates with 'No Parking' signs on them. The gates have a 'Keep Clear Emergency Access' sign on them too. The gates, as a very valid health and safety regulation, need to be kept clear of parked cars and the onus of keeping those gates clear falls on a small bunch of volunteers as does the responsibility under the H&S Act. Astoundingly, people who park here get upset when they are politely asked to move their vehicle. A couple of roading companies donated road cones so the volunteers could dodge the displeasure of the errant parkers. Despite this  choice architecture , to my absolute confoundation... Yep! (the car on the left is correctly parked) This reminds me of, many years ago now, when I played at being a 'door tech'. Two of us working on a job, the double swing doors of a commercial building. You probably didn't know but swing doors have a hydraulic spring, usually in the floor, to

More Celebrant Saga

Yes, this women actually gets more abominable! Dear Sir, I wrote to you on 10 March 2017 in regard to the behaviour of our Wedding Celebrant XXXXXX of Kerikeri. I have received your reply, thank you. I write again today as there has been information that has come to light that I was not aware of at the time, and a further development.  I believe this should be added to the files to be considered at re-registration as it further informs that XXXXXX has not acted in an honourable manner. My contact with Births Deaths and Marriages after the wedding was on 8 March 2017 when I phoned to ascertain the legality of the XXXXXX withholding our signed documents, pending her fee payment. 8 March 2017 email to my husband Tony Johns at 10.31 am Hello Tony I am waiting to receive my Fee plus mileage - $383.00 in payment.  I need to forward the legal Marriage Document to the District Court within 10 days from last Saturday. Looking forward to seeing you Tony.    (my bold) -