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Kakistocracy System of a downer.

Here's a word for the day - kakistocracy: a system of government which is run by the worst, least qualified, or most unscrupulous citizens. It's taken me a couple of days, after I 'rage-quit' listening to the interview on RNZ (seriously I did - poor Tony), to gather my thoughts on this and I'm still incensed. Prison. NZ's got some mighty big problems with crime and violent offending and there are serious issues that need to be addressed at the community level and there are some organisations doing fantastic work towards this. Truth is NZ has rising numbers of violent and sexual crime and, despite what some want us to believe, NZ doesn't send people to prison for minor offenses. No matter how you feel about our incarceration rates, causes of crime or the calls to decrease the prison numbers the fact is that when we, as a society, do send people to prison we have an obligation to keep them safe. Astoundingly, after campaigning again