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I’m not quite sure what happened to the week of January and then I remembered it was a month and it is over. I do believe it is time for you southerners to share some of that lovely rain you’ve been keeping all to yourselves, we’ve sent you quite a few sunny days, so sharing! The drought has a good grip and in places it looks like we have crazy paving due to the deep cracks off-set by the lovely swath of green grass. Kikuyu has a bad reputation, but it will survive anything but frost and although slow growing without much moisture, it still is.   After such a lush summer last year many are finding things a bit tough. Some of the only neighbouring property run as a working farm’s cattle came for a visit. We really can’t complain, the inadequate fence is half ours after all. Joe and I discovered them trimming my newly planted (and fiercely guarded) lawn. Herding this selection of heifers and cows was a lovely Hereford bull. As far as I was concerned this attractive young fellow was