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Wedding Guest Statements

We have a Disputes Tribunal hearing, set down for 24 May. I ask guests that haven't already to please write an account of what YOU noticed and experienced in regard to the behavior and actions of the Celebrant. Please email to Muchly appreciated. Susan and Tony

Never underestimate the power of stupid people

A place I hang out at has a small car park. There are some gates with 'No Parking' signs on them. The gates have a 'Keep Clear Emergency Access' sign on them too. The gates, as a very valid health and safety regulation, need to be kept clear of parked cars and the onus of keeping those gates clear falls on a small bunch of volunteers as does the responsibility under the H&S Act. Astoundingly, people who park here get upset when they are politely asked to move their vehicle. A couple of roading companies donated road cones so the volunteers could dodge the displeasure of the errant parkers. Despite this  choice architecture , to my absolute confoundation... Yep! (the car on the left is correctly parked) This reminds me of, many years ago now, when I played at being a 'door tech'. Two of us working on a job, the double swing doors of a commercial building. You probably didn't know but swing doors have a hydraulic spring, usually in the floor, to