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Crazies of the Internet

Up until yesterday I was involved in a Facebook group and when the admin called for submissions in a hurry for a publication they edit to meet deadline, I submitted a piece of work to the supplied email.  No response.  I left a 'comment' on the original post, with Person tagged (I called it a message). No response.  I left a few more similar tagged comments. No response.  Yesterday, seeing Person had authored a post, I left another tagged comment. Person responds with "What the fuck are you talking about?" I explain, and they go right off - because apparently my email with all my contact details wasn't enough for them to respond. The email, was enough for them to find and use my work - which Person has confirmed they did and it appears my work has been also sent elsewhere. The person then blocked me from the Facebook Group, then messages me. So I removed you because I don’t allow people to speak that way to anyone in the group, myself included. I very clearly stat