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September Update

                                                                                                                             28 September 2016 Spring has sprung and there are lambs and calves gambolling about with excess cuteness, it’s a challenge keeping eyes on the road! It’s warmer and with more daylight the ‘pasture’ (combination of kikuya and weed (no, not that kind), that passes as stock feed) is growing, making Ruby Moo happy. Although she’s clearly not satiated by grass alone, evidenced by ‘scraped paint’ teeth marks on the freshly painted window sills. Looks like Tony will have to fix the actual lawn mower so I can start it. I’ve threatened to book it in at his work! To be fair, I break it every time I use it so it’s hardly motivation to fix it... again. Speaking of grass growth (again, no not that kind), I’ve fertilised Kaarac’s ‘patch’ again so his 3x6 foot ‘grave’ site grows lushy for spring. It’s so hard to keep a straight face when he talks about it. Adding to th