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Into the deep end

Setting the scene. Olympic Pool is just that - an Olympic sized pool, so it is huge.  It is separated across it's width with a large removable but 'permanent' type barrier sporting 'Please Keep Off' signs on either end. One side is relatively shallow.  Several times during the week there's Nifty Fifties Aqua Aerobics, school swimming classes, canoeing lessons and on the weekends it transforms into a kids wonderland with a blow up run along thing, hanging rings etc. The other side, the deep end, is well deep. It's 3.6 meters, featured a high dive platform & several dive boards. During the week most of it is in lanes with the equivalent of two lanes reserved for aqua jogging & there's a steady stream of swimmers and aqua joggers. The high dive is opened for kids on some weekends.  There's a row of flags running widthways to signal to the back strokers not to hit the wall and these swimming lanes, and aqua jogging lanes are strictly reserv

Getting away from it all

Well, that's our goal, we've laid the path and started upon the stepping stones and it's all downhill on the slippery slope. Our journey's end will be good. Sadly for too many who not only plan their escape to a better life, actually make the changes for themselves and children the past will not let them go. Yesterday a  Tauranga  (2013) woman was stabbed by her former partner in a 'domestic incident'. Glenys Stanton & Trevor Waite  (2013) shot by her ex partner at her new partners home. Barbara Ann Moka  (2013) moved from Auckland to Rawene, was then found murdered and an Auckland man, first charged with an historic assault, is then charged with her murder. Patricia Ann McGrath  (2013) killed in her home by former partner who pled guilty to her manslaughter. Alexsis Tovizi  (2010) killed by her former partner who was jealous of her new partner. Inayat Kawtha  (2012) killed by ex partner released on bail against police advice, after an incident