More Celebrant Saga

Yes, this women actually gets more abominable!

Dear Sir,

I wrote to you on 10 March 2017 in regard to the behaviour of our Wedding Celebrant XXXXXX of Kerikeri. I have received your reply, thank you.

I write again today as there has been information that has come to light that I was not aware of at the time, and a further development.  I believe this should be added to the files to be considered at re-registration as it further informs that XXXXXX has not acted in an honourable manner.

My contact with Births Deaths and Marriages after the wedding was on 8 March 2017 when I phoned to ascertain the legality of the XXXXXX withholding our signed documents, pending her fee payment.

8 March 2017 email to my husband Tony Johns at 10.31 am

Hello Tony
I am waiting to receive my Fee plus mileage - $383.00 in payment.
 I need to forward the legal Marriage Document to the District Court within 10 days from last Saturday.
Looking forward to seeing you Tony.    (my bold) - WTF!!!!

Tony forwarded this email to me and I forwarded it to a friend.

They, with the best of intentions fearing our wedding would become void and therefore adding insult to injury, phoned XXXXXX arranged to make paymentand asked that XXXXXX make an apology to us.

Later that afternoon we received the second email from XXXXXX.

8 March 2017 email to my husband Tony Johns at 12.44pm
Hello Tony
I have decided to waive my fees as I realise you have been put in an invidious position.
I hope all goes well with you both
I will send the documents to The Court today.
calculated to create ill will or resentment or give offense; hateful:
invidious remarks.
offensively or unfairly discriminating; injurious:
invidious comparisons.
causing or tending to cause animosity, resentment, or envy:
an invidious honor.

As I had been in contact with Births, Deaths and Marriages in between receiving these emails I wondered if XXXXXX had been told by your office she couldn’t withhold lodging the papers and realised how unjust she had been. 

As things developed, I received the letter of reply about my complaint from Births, Deaths and Marriages and I lodged our Dispute Tribunal Application.  I was keeping my friend updated and last Friday 24 march 2017 at around 8.30 am she phoned to tell me she had paid XXXXXX on the morning of 8 March 2017, that Celebrant was to email an apology to us and not tell us that Friend had made payment.

I picked my husband Tony Johns up from work and we went to XXXXXX’s house, arriving at around 9 am. She answered the door. I explained to her that she had no right accepting payment on our behalf knowing we were unaware of the payment being made and knowing that we would not have agreed to the payment being made.

XXXXXX agreed to refund Friend the amount in full. I told XXXXXX I thought she was morally repugnant and I was angry with her. She replied to me “you have always been angry”. “Yes, I said. Because you ruined our wedding”. She was still talking as I was left. I was very, very angry and I needed to leave before I said something brusque.

Friend received her re-payment in full. And, although sending an apology by email was part of XXXXXX’s agreement with Friend, we have never received any apology from XXXXXX.

I have full email transcripts, a signed statement from Friend and bank transaction details available if required.

I would also like to take the opportunity to add, that our only contact with XXXXXX has been in regard to organising our wedding, I had not met nor spoken with her in any other capacity.

Thank you for your time and attention to this matter.


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