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The Sound of Silence

Firstly, #notallmen *rolls eyes. Because clearly when speaking of rapists, with the overwhelming majority of rapists being men, means I’m implying ALL MEN ARE RAPISTS. Right so that’s out the way. Secondly, yes men get raped too, most often by other men and I’m certain that if we sort out the abhorrent attitudes of men to rape and the way women who are sexually assaulted are treated, things will be better for male victims too.   Not sure why women are responsible for fixing the world for men too – but there you have it. Thirdly, I’ve left the ‘R’ word out of the title, if there’s one way to ensure low readership on a post, it is to include the word rape in the title. So, to the topic of this blog post. I am intrigued why men are so fucking silent on rape. I recently, (well, binged it yesterday), watched a series from Netflix called Unbelievable, based on a true story. It is a harrowing, but incredibly interesting watch.   I have been the Marie too many times i

Political Rape Culture

In 1999, I was abducted off the street in Wellington by a man with a knife. I endured his attack. I reported it to police. I was lucky (bizarre statement considering, you think?).   The investigating detective assigned my case was fantastic. Completely non-judgemental, completely dedicated and endured my ranting for months, he certainly did enough of his own there were many frustrations in his role. We had a very good professional relationship and I am forever grateful for him. He was more therapy than I think he ever knew as I worked through the issue. There were enough cameras in the area and this repeat offender was known to police, and after a media appeal a witness came forward.   All was set to go, they knew where he was.   A warrant was issued and a police unit was assembled, led by my detective who was keeping me informed of every step.   He phoned me, very apologetic. The team had been reassigned, according to my detective, due to ‘political orders’ as the murder victim’