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The Continual Fight is Exhausting... I won!

What do others do? There have been a few battles I've chosen not to fight, and a couple of them I regret not taking up, but sometimes I'm just utterly exhausted from the constant fight, and many of them happen when you're at your most vulnerable (eyes health 'service'). This time I am pissed off.  They simply don't care and expect me to just go away. Why? Do others not battle for right? Fibre is being installed in our area. Five weeks ago my vehicle egress was blocked without any notice, meaning I was unable to get my car out and go to work.  It was a fine day and I had plenty of work to be going on with. The ongoing email communication - The people who were on site told me they'd knocked on my door and that it wasn't their fault I didn't hear them'.  I was walking my child to school, they'd watched me walk out of my driveway and they also watched me walk back and neither time took the opportunity to inform me my vehicular access