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Kaikohe dog contol

Today I realised I can no longer walk around the town I live in.   I realised that if  a dog chased me, like one did this morning, and my toddler was with me, I wouldn't have been able to run.  Today I thought the loose, aggressive dog, that growled then ran at me from within a fully fenced property with the gate left open, that I have reported before, was going to get me.     I realised that no matter how much I railed at the machine – it has beaten me.   Today I realised, they win.   Today. I. Give. Up. Walk, says the physiotherapist. Walk, says the surgeon. I like walking.   On 30 December 2017, I slipped on our bush track driveway, causing a spiral fracture requiring surgery and some hardware.   As there was no way I could cope with the rough roads and tracks of home, I began spending a lot of time at my elder son’s home in Kaikohe, and as I could I walked.   I was concerned at the number of roaming dogs loose in Kaikohe, I was constantly needing to walk in different

Employment Relations

I have been noticing a lack of balance in workplace relations over the past decade or so and I bring to you some experiences as indicators of areas needing improvement. I was recently given a cover page from a job application for a minimum wage job.   It asks for a Schedule of Claimant Injuries be requested from ACC before the job application can be considered. I phoned Employment NZ, astoundingly for every question I asked, answered, we're not qualified to answer that, told me the person should seek legal advice and eventually, advised me to phone the Privacy Commission.  I'm not entirely sure what Employment NZ actually does. The Privacy Commission, was more helpful, and agreed it was beyond what is required for employment, which is information that is relevant to the applicant’s suitability for the particular role, and a person’s sensitive claim or childhood injuries are not.   But then the person has to make a formal complaint - which then becomes a matt