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A little win

Susan vs. Mpark. A little win. It's the principle! I received my refund and an apology on 19 June 2017. 18 June 2017 Re: MPark services for Vehicle GHXXX To whom it may concern, On Wednesday 24 May 2017 I was in Whangarei  and I parked in a Pay and Display car parking space.  Having no coins I signed up to the pay for parking service MPark advertised on the Parking Display ticket dispenser and paid for my parking.   I could find nowhere on the site explaining how I could get a display ticket, nowhere that said I did not need a display ticket and the Parking Display Ticket dispenser had a sign that stated I had to Display a Valid Ticket.  I emailed the only contact available for MPark, receiving an immediate response – that they would get back to me within three working days. Feeling I had no choice, I went and got some cash and bought a display ticket. I still have this ticket and a photograph of it is attached. I emailed MPark, including a photo of the display t