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Being careful what you wish for

Toastmaster's Icebreaker Speech 10 April 2014 While I can comfortably opine many topics, largely at ease among strangers and friends, this expectation to speak of myself has succeeded in striking me with dread. So I figured you’ll get an insight of me if I speak about people, because I’m one too. Truth is I’m just like you, just like all of you here at Toasters, in Hokianga, in all New Zealand. Complex. Often we hear of people described as being like an onion.  I’m unsure if that means the more layers we peel back the more tears there are, but it’s supposed to be about getting to the heart of the matter. So, people are supposed to be like neatly layered onions. That calls for a Tui, Yeah right!  Maybe after  they've  been through the mincer. Along with some beetroot, broccoli, a peach or two and possibly even some sour grapes. People are more like a splatter painting.  A rich intense impasto thick skinned and calloused in some areas, thin and delicate in othe