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                                                                                                                             It’s a surreal experience hearing about the earthquakes and flooding from up here. Glad to hear everyone is ok, just a little shaken up but not too dry!  We’ve had a couple of days of good rain. Perfect, as we’d spread some fertiliser on the paddocks the night before, (and some on Kaarac’s special patch), got to keep the Ruby Moo fed – she may well be eating for two, (and the Kaarac perplexed). We’ve all had the nasty cold that’s been circulating up here for a couple of weeks and we thought we’d missed it.  Joe came down with it first and was a couple of days ahead in recovery while we just wanted to sleep.  Tony had a day off work and I even missed a Playcentre meeting! This was followed by a second dose, for Joe, of hand foot and mouth virus - a horror I’d never encountered until this second round of kids.   Welcome back to the ‘world of toddler’ w