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More Celebrant Saga

Yes, this women actually gets more abominable! Dear Sir, I wrote to you on 10 March 2017 in regard to the behaviour of our Wedding Celebrant XXXXXX of Kerikeri. I have received your reply, thank you. I write again today as there has been information that has come to light that I was not aware of at the time, and a further development.  I believe this should be added to the files to be considered at re-registration as it further informs that XXXXXX has not acted in an honourable manner. My contact with Births Deaths and Marriages after the wedding was on 8 March 2017 when I phoned to ascertain the legality of the XXXXXX withholding our signed documents, pending her fee payment. 8 March 2017 email to my husband Tony Johns at 10.31 am Hello Tony I am waiting to receive my Fee plus mileage - $383.00 in payment.  I need to forward the legal Marriage Document to the District Court within 10 days from last Saturday. Looking forward to seeing you Tony.    (my bold) -


Yesterday (Thursday) I received a letter from Jeffery Montgomery the Registrar General at Internal Affairs. Some interesting wording: Expressed apologies that the celebrant XXXXXX ruined our wedding. That our complaint would be added to her file and considered at re-registration time. And:   Advising me to lodge a claim with Dispute's Tribunal.  I'd lodged my dispute the day before, all 45 pages (including ceremonies). That letter will be front and centre of my Disputes's hearing paperwork.  XXXXXX still hasn't apologised to us.

Celebrant Saga

It appears ' some ' people think I was over-reacting in response to the utter fuck-up that was our wedding ceremony.  Our Celebrant Saga, identifier removed, as part of my complaint to the Registrar-General. 10 March 2017 Dear Sir, It is with regret and sadness that I write to you today. Our wedding, after nine months of planning was ruined in five minutes by the behavior of the wedding celebrant XXXXXXX of Kerikeri. I thank you for your time and attention to this matter. I have not included, but have available if required, all the word document copies where changes have been made back and forth on our ceremony.  And although the email communication is true copy and paste I have not included the qualifying data (to and from addresses and time stamps etc.) this is available on request. There were also 42 guests who witnessed what took place at our wedding so statements are available if required. After the celebrant we had originally booked 9 months a