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August Update

Hello everyone,                                                                                                                   24 August 2016 The last few days of winter and we’ve had a high of 26 degrees, lovely. We also haven’t has any rain for a week, so the mud has started to dry up, also lovely. It must only be a matter of days until the end of winter / early spring cold snap reminds us who really is the boss. I’m just watching Joe climb the side of the change table... I’ve just rescued Joe from hanging off the side of the change table... and he’s learning to not try to climb up and stand on his chair after he’s put it on the coffee table. Today’s lesson will be that chairs stay on the floor and it’s proving to be a hard one. He has all four first round teeth coming through so can be a little fragile when he’s determined in a task I’m trying to dissuade. To round out Joe’s mountaineering achievements, he climbed the ‘child-proof’ baby gate , then the stairs! Joe

July Update

Hello Everyone,                                                                                                                                                    5 July 2016 Today makes half way through 2016, and we’re over the ‘hump’ day and on the way to summer. We’re pretending to ourselves it’s a bit lighter in the mornings and evenings but it is really hard to tell with overcast skies. The rain, although late this year, is here now – along with the mud. It is better than last year, no horse hooves churning it up and we have some gravel tracks – but we really could do with a gravel storm, several hours of gravel rain – torrentially! It’s cold, woolly jersey and layers. It makes tourist spotting easy, they’re the ones in shorts and tee shirts as we were in July three years ago. Amazing how fast we’ve acclimatised.  We have piglets; well Olga has piglets – eight of them, very cute and delicious looking. I reckon we should give her all the really soft kiwifruit, with any luc

March Update

14 March 2016 Hi everyone, Not even three weeks until we head down to ‘das kapital’! The way the post is, we may be there before this letter! At Joe’s Plunket appointment on 17 February he weighed 8.78 kg and measured 72 cm tall, he does seem so much heavier, especially after carrying him about for a while. He’s 50 th on the weight percentile and 70 th on the height. Joe’s climbing everything he’s able to, and trying everything else. Although not properly walking yet he gets up on to his digger has started to try to operate the digger arm and mimics the noise it’s ‘starter’ button makes. He loves the animals and escaped his compound on Friday, yes at 10 months and 11 days, to go visit Ruby cow, tethered just beside Joe’s area. It has been fortified, but Tony has received instruction for increasing the height of compound – it’s going to need to be like Fort Knox. Joe’s teething at the moment, poor lad. His top right front tooth is just through, but giving him trouble