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Waipapa Vs. NZ Post Is this another win?

It appears we've passed the Commerce Commission crazy nut-bar test, and been escalated to management for further scrutiny. I asked for a follow-up email, to my follow-up phone call, which is C&P'd below. Some of you have been following this saga I have been chipping away at, which is a little complex, so the full story is below - and with this little breakthrough, I am a wee bit excited.  Re: Courier Post rural delivery surcharge on standard courier routes Our home address is absolutely rural, and to have a package couriered to our home address attracts a rural surcharge which, as of 1 July 2017 for Courier Post, is $3.70 per package. This is because there is no standard courier run in our area and packages must be handed on to the rural postie, meaning two people must be paid for the delivery of the package and fair enough.  To avoid paying this rural surcharge we have packages sent to my husband’s workplace, which is located in a very busy shopping and industri