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October Update

Well it’s a first in my memory, which given my memory doesn’t mean much, we’ve had a fine Labour weekend, right up until  Monday  night and we needed that rain to water in the tomatoes. Perfect. My summer jandal tan is coming along nicely and Tony had his shirt off for four hours (I had my sunnies on - ‘protector safety glasses’), and I’ve asked that the sun shade be put up over Joe’s play area. With so much bush around so much farmland with so many dodgy fences, there’s quite the feral animal population, there was even a television show made about a fellow who rounds up Northland’s wild bulls. Our pretty fourteen month Hereford heifer must have started to secrete interesting pheromones enticing a passing bull to visit. I was trying to get Joe to have a sleep when the dog’s barking finished that attempt. It was such an emergency panic bark I went for a look, instead of yelling for them to shut-up, and there, licking Ruby’s unmentionables, was a very large bull.  I admit I didn