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Dispute Tribunal Success

Today we received the Decision from the Dispute Tribunal Hearing between me and the marriage  celebrant, and as expected we were successful.  Every single person who was involved, looked over the case, read the complaint and adjudicated at the hearing, agreed with us. Everyone except Tony's family. But this is because their disagreement was never about events at the wedding, but a series of imagined issues.   It is however a hollow victory. Attaining it exposed the vindictive backstabbing that certain members of so-called-family engaged in.  For a brief moment, I did doubt the actual intent of the action, but the perniciousness of the fall-out removed that doubt.  The bitter-twisted hatred built on cognitive fictions is astounding. The accusations that I am harassing, incredible as the toxic waste is thrown.  I certainly hope they find a lawyer greedy enough to take on the case against me that they threaten.


Winter.  Currently, ascending the driveway could make a reasonable you tube hill climb video, with mud rooster tails flying from the wheels (like this) . The vehicle is covered in mud. Anyone who climbs in and out of the vehicle is covered in mud and I’m having dreams of a red-carpet type thing that unfurls as I disembark, protecting my gown... But then reality – I’d have to clean it, probably by hand, whereas the $7 Kmart tights, that I’m actually wearing, go straight in the washing machine.  Sigh. Paradise in the rainy season. It’s hardly been paradise this year, it’s been more hard.  I haven’t felt much like writing upbeat, good-newsy updates. It’s been a pretty shit year so far.  We’re pulling through with the help of our astounding support crew, and amazing friends, incredible kind deeds and snippets of wonderful news of pending stork deliveries (so pleased for you guys), international NZ rep-pole-axing, an ego boosting A- on my post-grad and first academic paper in seven y