Yesterday (Thursday) I received a letter from Jeffery Montgomery the Registrar General at Internal Affairs.

Some interesting wording:

Expressed apologies that the celebrant XXXXXX ruined our wedding.

That our complaint would be added to her file and considered at re-registration time.


Advising me to lodge a claim with Dispute's Tribunal. 

I'd lodged my dispute the day before, all 45 pages (including ceremonies).

That letter will be front and centre of my Disputes's hearing paperwork. 

XXXXXX still hasn't apologised to us.


  1. Done. I have nothing to hide. I have not done anything wrong.

  2. Apart from being a self absorbed narcissistic waste of space, you've done nothing wrong. You took what was a simple message of sympathy from one woman to another and tried to turn it into some sort of ultimate betrayal, and sent a message infinitely more hurtful and cruel to a sick man, your partners father, and yet you are still here pontificating about how wronged you are. This is my last response, I'm not going to feed the troll any longer. Feel justified and happy in your victory as you see it. Tell all your friends whatever makes you feel better about yourself. The crap you have posted here is exactly that. Live long and hopefully one day reallise that there is greater hurt in the world than that which you imagine you have suffered, and in fact have inflicted. I hope never to cross paths with you or your ilk again in my lifetime. I have finally seen the worst of the human race, your lies in this blog have astounded me. Congratulations.

  3. I am accused of being a narcissist by a group of people who attended our wedding, made it all about them because I didn’t meet their pre-conceived ideals about how I should act towards them, and the wedding celebrant whose professional services, weren’t, during this incredibly stressful time, and when things went wrong blamed me.

    Some have formed their opinions on me based on two-words ‘cherry-picked’ from as first meeting, and no doubt a whole lot of bitching, and some ideal fantasy standard that I apparently should meet, others had their opinions formed for them well before we met and still more have never met me. Interestingly they also treated my husband’s first wife in a similar manner and it is a very hard place to be.

    I am accused of lying, but it is they who have posted lies here, contradictions of claims made. They have been making incredible accusations, harassing and threatening me while claiming it is me doing the harassment.


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