The Hills are Alive with the Sound of Pigs

There's wild pig in them there hills.  Evident with rooted up clearings & piggie poo about.  "It's the big ones that dig in the clay banks", says Neighbour Pete on a visit looking for lost pig dogs. "The ones with the big tusks".

Pig dogs, that's what we need. Now we have Rufus - (photo below as a pup for apples for apples)

Rufus, meant to be a town house dog, was a challenging high-strung pup is now in his element as a 'teenage' possum-killing machine, solid, hard muscled super-fit bush dog.


So, I caught the bloke checking out the dog section on Trade Me (hardly deal breaker internet use), and spent the following week torturing him with pictures of cute fluffy puppies while recruiting family and friends into the puppy scheme.  On Friday this is what was waiting for him when he got home.


Sold as a 'Pig Dog Pup', Described as 'Hard & Fast' and presented to his new Daddy complete with Pink Collar.  The Bloke couldn't have been prouder if he'd sired Bruiser himself. 

Bruiser is a settled, calm, easy to handle puppy. He enjoys baths, being towelled down, brushed & cuddled & walks on the beach...

So the one bought to be the house doh may well become the lead pig dog, while the 'hard & fast pig-dog' may just be a Daddy's boy.  Both Daddy and Bruiser are good with that!


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