On Saturday we became involved in a high-speed car chase.

I was driving my little itty bitty putt putt car onto SH2 north from the Melling lights with precious cargo on board, Bruiser on his way home from visiting his new Auntie, Nana and Pop. We passed a motorbike cop parked in the flash driveway to the left there. Thought nothing of it. I can barely reach the speed limit let alone intentionally lose traction!

Itty Bitty Putt Putt Car

Heading toward the Belmont turn off, there's sound of a loud exhaust & revving engine, barely drowned out by the siren of the motorcycle cop following the souped up car (now of course gender & age specific boy-racer stereotype). This car swerved through very heavy weekend traffic, pulled into the first Belmont turn off lane, slowed turned into Belmont, pulled over & when the cop went alongside the car pulled out almost hitting the cop bike before speeding away.  The chase was on.  The car re-joined SH2 at the Belmont lights turn off, swerving across all lanes of traffic and zooming off with the cop bike in pursuit.  Sirens sounded in all directions, so I pulled off the highway at Kelson to wait for them to pass.

We carried on our journey, past a two car accident with a cop car in attendance (can't have been a coincidence). The news story (link below) details the route taken by this alleged criminal before they were apprehended.  Through suburban streets as well on a reasonably mild weekend.   The  utter selfishness of this person. Police & public, Mums and Dads (both of children and puppies), sons & daughters, aunties & uncles, friends & loved ones put at great risk (I understand no one was hurt), and thousands of dollars of damage caused and time and resources wasted. 

I hope this is the last high-spped chase I am ever involved in.



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