GCSB vs. Car Parking & your rights

The GCSB, described as the (coincidently) slippery slope until Orwell's Big Brother is standing in our lounges watching everything we do.

Let me first make this point - I am NOT a supporter of the GCSB Amendment Bill.  I am one of John Key's 'don't cares'. I don't see this bill as an erosion of our rights or the beginning (it's actually a continuum, but that's just another pesky fact) of the end.

I do believe it's a vocal minority in opposition of the GCSB Bill.

While it may not seem that way, the submission numbers don't lie "124 submissions on the GCSB Bill & 30,000 on Snapper". http://www.stuff.co.nz/blogs/opinion/9055745/Espiner-Keys-snapper-attack-swallowed-whole

 From the Far North Dover Samuals says "Tell the Minister that if he wants another Maori war we will start it here" http://www.nzherald.co.nz/northland-age/news/article.cfm?c_id=1503402&objectid=11107625

The vocal opposers believe they're the majority, as all about them they see their views reflected within their cohort. They're primordially set up to see what they believe.  Had this not been sensationalised by media hyperbole, I doubt many would even know about it, but no matter. That there is a political awakening is an important thing.

This Bill will be passed constitutionally by an Act of Parliament (like it or not) and will be legitimate applicable legislation, overseen by an appointed High Court Judge. This will be a piece of legislation which will be subject to constant scrutiny and I am good with that.

It is a pity more isn't scrutinised. In my opinion, a far greater infringement upon the Civil Rights of New Zealand Citizens is in the application of car parking 'rules'. Many of these are not Acts of Parliament, but  by-laws and seems in some cases just 'made-up rules' dropped when contested.  "Auckland Transport relies on the fact that practically everyone will cave in and pay, rather than go through the hassle of court.'  Now while this article focuses on Auckland, Wellington Parking  Enforcement is worse. Illegal fines that rely on you not fighting back.

If you are looking for erosion of your Civil Rights, I don't think the GCSB Bill which is overseen by the checks and balances of the judiciary and parliament will erode your rights.

The erosion of your Civil Rights is happening more insidiously than a massively over-media-hyped campaign, but quietly and when Stuff puts up a story it hasn't been furthered. Councils are imposing 'rules' relying upon you not having the where-with-all, the resources, nouse or time to fight back, the High Court or Parliament isn't watching and we have a constitutional right to not be subject to arbitrary charges,

I'd love to know what you think on this issue.



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