It’s a surreal experience hearing about the earthquakes and flooding from up here. Glad to hear everyone is ok, just a little shaken up but not too dry!  We’ve had a couple of days of good rain. Perfect, as we’d spread some fertiliser on the paddocks the night before, (and some on Kaarac’s special patch), got to keep the Ruby Moo fed – she may well be eating for two, (and the Kaarac perplexed).

We’ve all had the nasty cold that’s been circulating up here for a couple of weeks and we thought we’d missed it.  Joe came down with it first and was a couple of days ahead in recovery while we just wanted to sleep.  Tony had a day off work and I even missed a Playcentre meeting! This was followed by a second dose, for Joe, of hand foot and mouth virus - a horror I’d never encountered until this second round of kids.  

Welcome back to the ‘world of toddler’ where it is completely possible to totally ruin someone’s day by doing what they want! In this world the main communication is generally by “neeg neeg naagh” and point (randomly and vaguely), and if not understood and attended instantly (or even if it is), a squeal or scream with the intensity of pitch growing as the day gets longer. I’m pleased Joe’s vocabulary is growing and he’s able to verbalise more of what he needs. Now, to work on his patience, (and lower our gin bill).

Joe and I have been tripping about visiting other Playcentres. During a week in November we attended four sessions at three different Playcentres! Joe just loves it and I am getting through my Playcentre course 3 requirements.  Course 4 runs for a full year, so I’m hoping to run it concurrently with my part-time MApSW next year. I’m fundraising officer at Playcentre and the Christmas Cake Raffle is going amazingly well. The majority of ingredients have been donated by parents and tickets are selling tremendously and it turns out one of our kid’s nanas is a professional cake decorator!  I’ve even managed to get a spot for a table in the foyer of the busiest supermarket on the Saturday before the draw!

Tony is flat out at work and the Boss is having a very hard time recruiting skilled mechanics, for either cars, tractors, small engines and machinery.  It’s bizarre! Beautiful climate, great lifestyle and some actual affordable homes, (not the 600k Auk ‘affordable’), within a reasonable commute and it’s a great place to work. Seems mechanics are like builders, the only ones you can get are the ones nobody wants. They’re on the ‘endangered’ list so the Boss is recruiting overseas.

Unknown to each other, I bought Tony an introductory flying lesson for his birthday and he bought me a day sail on the Spirit of Adventure. On Monday 5 Dec (because the weather wasn’t right on 28 Nov) we all got up at 4 am to arrive at Whangarei Airport at 7.20, and Tony had 54 minutes of flying time in a two person micro-light with an instructor. Next Monday evening, we head down to Auckland, a dinner of Dunkin’ Donuts, and in the morning I’m on a sailing ship! Exhilarating stuff!

With our wedding date looming, the feeling of wanting to elope is increasing. I’m applying the ‘Rogernomic’ theories that have been so successful with raising children. 1) Personal responsibility (because when if comes down to it you really are on your own). 2) Homo economis, people are self maximising opportunists eg. They do what is best for them. 3) The moment you rely on others for anything, it all turns to custard. 4) Once you start something, follow it through to its conclusion.

Soldier on.


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