September Update

                                                                                                                             28 September 2016

Spring has sprung and there are lambs and calves gambolling about with excess cuteness, it’s a challenge keeping eyes on the road! It’s warmer and with more daylight the ‘pasture’ (combination of kikuya and weed (no, not that kind), that passes as stock feed) is growing, making Ruby Moo happy. Although she’s clearly not satiated by grass alone, evidenced by ‘scraped paint’ teeth marks on the freshly painted window sills. Looks like Tony will have to fix the actual lawn mower so I can start it. I’ve threatened to book it in at his work! To be fair, I break it every time I use it so it’s hardly motivation to fix it... again.

Speaking of grass growth (again, no not that kind), I’ve fertilised Kaarac’s ‘patch’ again so his 3x6 foot ‘grave’ site grows lushy for spring. It’s so hard to keep a straight face when he talks about it. Adding to the curiosities Kaarac is pondering, his Facebook ‘adds’ and ‘likes’ many cat groups and pages. Given the major cat problem Kaarac endures, being the central property in the block, the seemingly hundreds of neighbourhood cats perfume everything from his firewood pile to the peg basket. For some reason his computer history time is several hours behind and I’m attempting to convince him that it ‘must’ be the collective will of the felines hoping to endear themselves upon him. I won’t repeat his mutterings in response. I am looking forward to letting him in on the jokes, publicly of course, at the wedding.

Blokes, skip this paragraph, this one is for the ladies. Nagging works! Really, it does. A couple of weekends ago Tony took the old television antenna down. It was there when we moved in and obsolete as its all satellite now, we don’t watch TV anyway and bits fell off as it rattled and banged about in storms. So yep, nagging works – and it only took three years. Don’t give up ladies!

Joe’s almost 17 months old now, time just races! He is absolutely delightful and completely gorgeous. He loves the animals, playing outside and hooning on his bike which ‘we’re’ learning is an outside toy. He recently learnt to put his gumboots on all by himself, he hasn’t managed to learn to take them off yet so he has a permit to wear them inside, really so I don’t have to keep taking them off. One learns not to be too prissy about floors up here (like there’s choice)!

 Joe’s now enrolled at Kerikeri Playcentre and on Fridays at the Okaihau one. We usually go Monday, Wednesday and Friday. The Playcentre’s are very different and I think we’ve found a good balance for Joe.  Okaihau sessions usually have just a couple of kids and can be very intense while Kerikeri has a large roll and although very busy is much more mellow as the kids can move between groups and it has some structured features. There is a sit down morning tea and end of session story time with popcorn in little cups and Joe’s one of the first to line up when he smells it popping.

I’m 6 units in to my Playcentre Course 3 and got a little excited when doing the Treaty of Waitangi unit... at ten pages... sixty odd references... and I still feel I’m glossing over... I think I’m missing proper study.  Earlier in the year I applied to Massey University to do some part-time papers and they suggested I apply for an extramural Master’s program. I had a telephone interview this week, followed by a confirmation email on Friday. I’ve been offered a place – let the games begin (most hopeful of a medal in juggling)!

The forecast showers for Kaitaia made their way south. I looked up at the attention grabbing clap of thunder, wearing sun hat and trying to spread paint before it baked, and wisely called it quits. Thirty minutes later, I’m finishing this September update while it’s pouring down and there’s no paint puddle under my scaffold.

We’re treating our wedding guests like royalty – everywhere is the smell of fresh paint! Probably not though, that piggy-poo is pretty pungent. Our five month to the wedding countdown is looming and I find myself answering questions. What are you wearing? Depends what fits! You’re not really wearing gumboots, are you? Yes. Do you want help with the salads? Wait, what? There’s supposed to be more than meat and beer?


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