March Update

14 March 2016

Hi everyone,

Not even three weeks until we head down to ‘das kapital’! The way the post is, we may be there before this letter!

At Joe’s Plunket appointment on 17 February he weighed 8.78 kg and measured 72 cm tall, he does seem so much heavier, especially after carrying him about for a while. He’s 50th on the weight percentile and 70th on the height. Joe’s climbing everything he’s able to, and trying everything else. Although not properly walking yet he gets up on to his digger has started to try to operate the digger arm and mimics the noise it’s ‘starter’ button makes. He loves the animals and escaped his compound on Friday, yes at 10 months and 11 days, to go visit Ruby cow, tethered just beside Joe’s area. It has been fortified, but Tony has received instruction for increasing the height of compound – it’s going to need to be like Fort Knox.

Joe’s teething at the moment, poor lad. His top right front tooth is just through, but giving him trouble keeping him and us up at night and he has a scarlet cheek. Paracetamol is getting him through the worst bits and he’s gnawing on his cold cucumber and chewing his dummy. He ‘gums’ up his meat so efficiently now, he’s going to be a machine once he’s got teeth.  Joe’s also transitioning to normal cow’s milk too, so that’ll make travel easier.

We had a fantastic time in Auckland and Joe coped really well with the trip and even the weather played nice. Tony enjoyed his jet boat ride and the car show was full of cars! We had an interesting meal at a restaurant, after I made them clean their filthy high chair (sadly a regular occurrence at eateries), but we wouldn’t return to the Chancery Bistro. The IBIS hotel was lovely, as usual, and Joe delighted in using their bar/restaurant concourse area as a racetrack for baby crawling exercise and the staff were marvellous about it too.

Autumn is definitely here. One night last week it got down to only 10 degrees C, I had to close some windows. It means slippers and a sweatshirt on for Joe in the mornings but it warms up quickly and they’re off by 9 am and he’s usually down to just his shorts by 11. It is nice snuggling in with the duvet at night. I think this is our perfect time of the year.

We’ve been having a bit of fun playing a joke on Kaarac who has a rather large lawn and with all the rain this summer has had to mow it very frequently. Especially a 3 x 6 foot rectangular patch I’ve fertilised with NPK and splosh a bit of extra water on it if he’s not home. It’s growing at three times the rate of the rest of the lawn and is very noticeably grave shaped. He’s mentioned the ‘grave’ growth and that he wonders… Tony and I could hardly keep a straight face.  We think we should be able to keep this one going and laughing at Kaarac for quite some time.  Lucky petrol’s cheap at the moment.  We’re just a little evil!

Tony’s working at Waipapa full time now, staying put – except he’s gone to Kaikohe workshop today, although it’s probably for the boss’s birthday cake.  Everything is ticking along just nicely.


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