Yep - Really

Ah the internet. 

Topic: Dog safety.

The comment
Many children nowadays do not possess what is plain common sense, for various reasons e.g. vaccination side effects - Autism, ADHD, etc also animals are not allowed in most rental properties, therefore, they have no life experience of animal speak With equipment available to prevent this kind of happening, I would invest in it to protect both dumb kids innocently being bitten and your dogs potentially being labelled dangerous or menacing, they only have to lunge or make a human feel fear to be so labelled. Those mesh type window barriers that allow the window to be down approx 1/3 would solve all your problems. Cannot rely on the state or certain parents to do the educating

The reply
Very true common sense is sorely lacking, and the dumbing down of society a very real occurrence... prevention is better then cure, and often the cure is the dogs demise...

WTF - really?

There's just nothing for me to say.


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