It's all in the launguage, really.

Why can a robbery or assult be as claimed but a sexual assault is alleged?
It's not as if false assult or robbery claims are any lower than false sexual assault claims.
Only last week some so called hot shot golfer lied about being assaulted, but not once was his headline 'allegedly assaulted'.

Australian golfer Robert Allenby kidnapped, robbed, beaten in Hawaii

Even in the subsequent stories where evidence and witnesses accounts doubt his version, he's still claiming it happenned and not once does alleged feature

Youths rob wheelchair-bound woman - traumatically.

Youths rob wheelchair-bound woman

Last updated 18:55, January 27 2015
A wheelchair-bound woman was subjected to a "traumatic" robbery by two youths outside a Christchurch mall, police say.

Girl So, why does the language in this headline, and the ones on radio news imply this could be made up?  allegedly sexually assaulted....

Girl allegedly sexually assaulted

Last updated 06:52, January 29 2015
Police are investigating the alleged sexual assault of a 15-year-old girl in Mangere, South Auckland, last night.
A police spokesman said the girl was undergoing medical examination and more details would be released today.
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